Stories. They’re vital in advertising, particularly now. During Lockdown we have been encouraging businesses to keep on telling their stories. As a team of independent media experts, MEERKATworks is no exception. Our story is tied in with our name. Like the ever popular creatures, we are an agile, alert and industrious mob. We continually scan the landscape to find the best opportunities for our clients. We work as a team and thrive in the face of adversity – digging deep and tackling every brief with integrity and innovative thinking. Thank you Alice Bartholomew and Richy Lamb for the creativity, and of course Ocean Outdoor, for providing the stunning ‘story-boards’ throughout Scotland. Let us help you, tell your story.

Digital Audio

Now more than ever is the time to talk to people and tell your story as they listen to audio in their homes. Pre-lockdown we helped Universal Studios develop a series of Dynamic Audio adverts. Dynamic Audio opens up all sorts of opportunities, not the least, as it has the agility to serve ads that can target a specific demographic, in a particular place,  while adapting to the news, weather etc. So your story is completely reactive to, and in tune with, the here and now. Click below to listen to one of that adverts that we wrote and produced for them.

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