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In The Dog House 2021

October 15, 2021
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Can dogs and cats communicate? Of course. Anyone with a dog or cat will have experienced the wide range of emotions animals feel – joy, contentment, fear, pain, anger, boredom, to name just a few – and the many ways in which they express them to us both audibly and inaudibly using a range of sounds, signals and body language.

But, in life generally, animals’ voices and their cries for help often go unheard. We need to speak up for them.

So, MEERKATworks are speaking up for all the dogs and cats who need YOUR help finding loving forever homes. We are long-time supporters of Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home and the amazing work they do to rescue, reunite and rehome dogs and cats.

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home desperately need funds to continue their invaluable work.

Today Heidi Carroll and Ebo are locked in one of their kennels, to raise vital funds. Each and every penny counts. If we get to £500 Heidi gets a chair to sit on and we edge closer to our target of £1,000…

Click on this link if you would like to donate.

Thank you in advance.