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A retrospective of year 3 – 2008

May 29, 2008
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Year 3 was mainly about parking at, and flying from, Stansted Airport.

A large part of any airport’s revenue is made up of money generated from parking. However, the perception is often that airport parking is expensive so we planned and bought an advertising campaign that dispelled that notion.¬†MEERKAT bought print and radio and, again, all radio ads were produced in house. Dervla Kirwan (of the famously alluring M&S ads) lent us her voice and a bespoke piece of music was composed to run across all airtime adverts.

We kept up the theme of “travel and radio and sexy voices” when we joined forces with the Turkish Tourist Board. The radio campaign was written and produced in-house, with Mariella Frostrup lending us her deep husky voice.

And then, just to keep things a little eclectic, we also helped with the launch of a DVD – Manchester United, The Double Season.