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A retrospective of year 7 – 2012

May 29, 2012
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2012 – The year of the Olympics, and for MEERKAT the year of Education and throat-gurgling racing cars. It was the year that we learnt about what it takes to sell out all the tickets for Formula One/ F1 and MotoGP and fill the classrooms in schools and colleges.

It was also the year that we learnt about what makes a Pop Chip different to a crisp when we were asked to unveil and promote the new product in the UK market.

It’s always a challenge marketing to youth audiences because they tend to move fast and can be fickle in their choice of media. Westminster College proved to be a great combination with the challenge-friendly MEERKATs. We planned and bought geo targeted outdoor advertising across London, as well as front page strips on The Metro and Evening Standard on results day.

We also successfully, and very memorably, pitched for the Silverstone account with our Brighton friends, Mosaic. We went on to collaborate on 3 consecutive F1 seasons as well as MotoGP and Le Mans.