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A retrospective of year 8 – 2013

May 29, 2013
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2013 was the year we got to grips with electronic cigarettes and woodland burials, the year that we joined forces with Sussex County Cricket Club to advertise their summer season and the year that we promoted The Azores.

MEERKAT have always believed in working in collaboration with other agencies and we were delighted when KBC asked us to work with them on a project for The Azores. Their PR skills combined brilliantly with our media campaign the ran across The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph and travel magazines such as Lonely Planet and National Geographic.

Green Acres became a client – a business that offers alternatives to conventional burial and cremation. We asked Kevin Whateley to voice the radio adverts (that we wrote and produced) and we planned and bought airtime across MagicFm and Smooth.

We were also invited to work on ideas for SkyCig, an electronic cigarette company that had recently launched in Edinburgh. Regulations were really tight on vaping back then but despite the restrictions but we were able to place an effective outdoor campaign across Brighton & Hove on large format sites, telephone boxes and 4 & 6 sheets.