My University Hospitals Sussex

by | May 9, 2023

This week, we’re launching a campaign that is very close to our hearts for My University Hospitals Sussex – the dedicated charity for seven NHS hospitals across Sussex. The charity raises funds for treatment, care and research over and above core NHS funding, and enhances lives for staff and patients alike.

Our MEERKAT Creative Director, Alice, worked on the brief supplied by My UH Sussex and the Wayforward team. After much chin scratching and ‘digging’ into the charity’s mission, values and ethos, Alice developed the “All Together Better” strapline, followed by 4 ‘core creative pillars’ to support the various communication streams. These 4 pillars, focusing on education, fundraising, volunteering and legacy, are running programmatically. The activity targets the charity’s relevant audiences and provides insight in a test, learn and optimise approach. The core creative is also being implemented across social platforms, with the whole launch campaign being planned and negotiated by MEERKATworks.

Casey – our Associate Account Director – reflects that her mum, as a nurse, would often come home exhausted after a long day on her feet in ICU. And, remarkably, as she came through the door, she almost always had a smile on her face. Charities like My UH Sussex provide much needed support, and smiles, for both patients and staff. They support all kinds of amazing projects from wellness gardens, to the purchase of vital specialist equipment, to creating parents’ rooms for families to have a cup of tea, freshen up and have a few minutes reprieve. If you live in Sussex, you can find out more here about how you can get involved in supporting your local hospital.

Below are the programmatic ads with the launch messaging.

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