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MEERKATworks is an independent media agency. We are an agile, alert and industrious mob who continually scan the landscape to find the best opportunities for our clients. Using an innovative blend of fresh thinking, research, creativity and measurement, we ‘dig deep’ to achieve outstanding results for businesses of all sizes.

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How MEERKATworks, works

To be effective advertising must build a meaningful conversation between a brand and its audience. For MEERKAT to understand which media mix and message are most appropriate to target your audience, we closely examine your brand’s key objectives. If experienced media planning and buying is all you require, MEERKAT can supply it. But it might be you’d like to tap into our other strategic and creative services.








We are recognised experts at planning, negotiating and buying advertising campaigns across all media channels and we excel at examining the changing media landscape and digging deeper than our competitors. How? We are natural team workers and through our unique partnerships we are able to offer additional expertise in qualitative research, gathering market intelligence, developing big, bold creative ideas and then measuring their effectiveness. Because MEERKAT guide you on a journey that is tailored to your individual needs, we’re able to deliver a campaign that will precisely meet your strategic objectives.

Making Media more MEERKAT in other words.

An enviable track record

Name virtually any sector or media channel and MEERKAT will have relevant experience and case studies that evidence success. Our work is most famous in the fields of Education, Events, Food & Drink and Travel. From the following case studies for either direct or agency clients, you’ll discover the difference our agile and cost-effective methodology makes for our clients.

So what's new?

There’s always something happening with this industrious and sociable team of MEERKATs. Read on and find out what’s keeping us busy and who we’ve been building connections with.

Meet the MEERKATs

MEERKATs burrow deep in their search for food. They work effectively as a team; constantly keeping a look out for those around them and alert to any changes in the surrounding landscape. We pride ourselves on being a highly approachable, alert and hardworking team that tackles every challenge with integrity and innovative thinking. We put clients’ objectives first and remain fully accountable for our recommendations.




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Want to join the MEERKAT mob?

We are a fun, fresh and alert team of media specialists working together to provide our clients and prospects with the expertise that inspires and creates long term relationships. We carefully scan the media landscape and burrow deep, to deliver optimum campaign results and innovative solutions for our clients. Sound like you? Send us an email on


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