MEERKATs on the Tube

by | Jan 13, 2023

If you’re in London, travelling on the Tube, keep your eyes peeled for our MEERKAT characters – Merrily, Seeka, Skye, Kin & Ship, Leonardo, Mercury and Kandoo. The idea to bring our company values to life was conceived by Alice Bartholomew and they were drawn by Katy Smith, our brilliant MEERKAT illustrator.


The MEERKATs like nothing better than listening to podcasts, tuning into their favourite radio stations, browsing the internet, reading, creating and watching their chosen TV shows – all whilst on the move. And, funnily enough, their favourite activities, are all areas of expertise at MEERKATworks.


If you have any questions about the fast-moving media landscape, do get in touch. We’re friendly and don’t bite… unless you’re a scorpion!