Peak Retreats Programmatic

by | Feb 9, 2022

We’ve no idea where the year has gone but the ski season is almost upon us again! Great working with Peak Retreats on another season. Here’s to lots of snow falling over the coming months ..
Seeing the digital campaign go live that MEERKATworks planned and bought for Peak Retreats has got us all in the mood for a ski holiday. No guesses who we will book through if we decide to go …Here’s to a wonderful snowy ski season across the French Alps!
How can I target an audience programmatically?
There are many ways to reach a suitable audience with programmatic advertising. We can build a lookalike audience, target a known audience segment, or even look at your current site traffic to look for the segments that are engaging, as well as the possibility of keyword targeting. To find out more about programmatic advertising get in touch, or read about the process here