Programmatic Out-of-Home: Mackie’s Ice Cream

by | Jun 21, 2024

This summer, MEERKATworks have strategically planned a Programmatic OOH (PrOOH) campaign for Mackie’s ice cream. PrOOH allows for advertising to be turned off, or on, based on specific ‘triggers’, such as the temperature, live sports results or even pollen counts. 

For this campaign, the Mackie’s digital outdoor adverts have been planned within proximity of key supermarkets stockists. And, here’s the fancy bit, the adverts will only be displayed during store opening hours, and on warm sunny days. A ‘trigger’ temperature point was agreed on and set up as a condition for the ads to activate. As British summers can be more than a little unpredictable, this ensures that customers visiting these stores will only see the Mackie’s ads on ‘ice cream weather’ days.

What is your temperature trigger point for buying ice cream?