Why do the words in ads matter?

by | May 11, 2023

You may produce the best product in its class or provide a world beating service, but your potential customers won’t know this unless you develop, and carefully implement, compelling, clear messaging. This requires development time and creative expertise. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the launch of a new charity or a product campaign 20 years down the line, what you say is vital at every stage in the process.

At MEERKATworks, we know a thing or two about the development of key messaging. We encourage all our clients to give the ‘what are you saying’ element of their campaigns, early and full consideration. Every business must precisely pinpoint their target audience, how best to convey what they offer, what makes their product/ service distinct and different, and the exact reasons why potential customers should trust them.

 Laying the right creative foundations for every brand campaign can be the difference between success and failure. Generic, cut-and-paste marketing solutions won’t hack it. Distinctive, consistent, and clear wording, that’s thoroughly researched, creatively conceived, and closely aligned with brand values and tone of voice, is the best way to reach your target audience and garner tangible results.

 So, how do you choose and implement the right messaging? At MEERKAT, all our key messaging is developed according to a three-stage process:

  • Cornerstone Creative workshop
  • Clarity assessment
  • Consistency check

Firstly, we carry out what we call a ‘Cornerstone Creative’ Workshop with brand stakeholders. We research the product/ service’s authentic ‘truth’, and ensure cohesion with the brand’s mission, values, tone of voice and target audience(s). We dig deep to answer questions like ‘what are the most important things you want your audience to know about your brand’? What’s different about your product or service? What is its true personality/ voice? What are the benefits provided? Why should people take notice?

Secondly, we assess the clarity of communication. We aim to develop one central, impactful message conveyed in simple, concise language. Less is almost always more when it comes to effective communication, particularly in the fast-moving digital world.

Thirdly, we check consistency throughout the campaign, making sure the message remains constant, and there is synergy and synchronicity across all media, formats and platforms. In this way the key messaging is fed down and amplified through further brand communications, such as social media, blog posts, website text, digital advertising, and email marketing.

If words don’t come easy, why not call on the friendly MEERKAT creative experts?

MEERKATworks offers Cornerstone Creative workshops and messaging solutions to help businesses of all sizes engage effectively with their target audience. We understand that the right creative is essential to help you stand out and be heard in an increasingly busy marketplace. So, whether you want to launch a product or service, capture market share or grow your business, contact us here. We don’t bite, unless you’re a scorpion.

Why do the words in ads matter?